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Stewart and his son Evan with Dr. Rick Brewer, President of Louisiana College

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Dr. Al Fasol, Ph.D., Professor of Preaching, Author:

"How refreshing to read a Bible-based, positive book on worship. In his book, Dr. Holloway covers every aspect of worship and bases all of his suggestions for Spiritually enriched worship expereinces from the Bible. Every aspect of worship is discussed in profound but easy to read and understand style with clever bits of humor along the way. The chapter on music in worship is especially pertinent. In a day when many churches report declining attendance, one of the best ways to change that trend is through meaningful worship that focuses on God. Dr. Holloway guides us to ways in which we can do exactly that."


Gerre Joiner, Minister of Music, Former Minister of Music with Stewart Holloway:

"After reading Dr. Stewart Holloway’s book, The Privilege of Worship: Keys to Engaging Worship, I have a better understanding of corporate worship. I’m so proud of my friend for writing a book that suggests ways we leaders either facilitate worship or hinder worship This book is a good guide for attendees who either participate in worship or observe others while they worship. All of us, worship leaders and worshipers alike, can do better. Dr. Holloway’s book is a good guide referencing why we do what we do and how to do it better until the day we worship perfectly!"


Dr. Steve Gaines, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN; President of the Southern Baptist Convention

"It is the privilege of every Christian to worship God through His Son, Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Worship is exchanging hearts with God. After we worship teh Lord, He has our heart and we have His. Stewart Holloway's new book, The Privilehge of Worship, will help you exchange hearts with God,"


Dr. Kristopher Barnett, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Clamp Divinity School, Anderson University College of Christian Studies

After four years in my first pastorate, God called me to a new congregation.  I was leaving a great church with wonderful people, but I knew that they had some specific needs in their next pastor.  They needed someone with a pastor’s heart who could direct them to a deeper understanding and practice of worship. My friend and fellow PhD student, Stewart Holloway, possessed the unique gifting that the church needed. I told the church that they should begin and end their search with Stewart Holloway.  They heeded my council and Stewart used his background in music ministry and his pastoral heart to lead that church to new heights. The same blend of pastoral compassion and a heart for worship that made Stewart the right pastor for that church also uniquely equipped Stewart to write The Privilege of Worship: Keys to Engaging Worship.

The Privilege of Worship offers practical, accessible insights on the essential topic of worship.  Stewart Holloway utilizes his background in worship leadership and pastoral ministry to provide a helpful resource for Christians. Stewart grounds each chapter in the rich foundation of God’s Word and then articulates clear principles illuminated by compelling stories and illustrations. Readers will enjoy the journey as they discover the depths of worship. The questions at the conclusion of each chapter help the reader apply the material to their lives. While the book will certainly benefit individual readers, pastors should consider inviting their congregation to study The Privilege of Worship corporately.  I can only imagine the positive impact this volume could have on a united body of believers!


From Church Members and Friends:


"Your book has shown me that to worship God, I am the one who needs to come better prepared. Worship does not depend on what others do, but it depends on what I do! So each week, I am going to concentrate more on my prepration!"

Tom and Judi:

"What a joy to get a copy of your new book. We have been reading it today. It is right on target!!! Wow it is full of truths!!!!! That is exactly how I feel when we are in cooperate worship with you and the family of FBCP. I need 2 clean handkerchiefs  (one for my eyes and one for my nose) since I can look up to heaven beyond the chandelier and sing to Him while we worship together. It happens also when we are reading the Bible through each day and realize anew of His wonderful saving Love for us as undeserving human beings."


Christians need to get serious about worship.

The statement above implies that we are not serious. I dare say that is true for most people in the Church. “Our problem is that we worship our work, work at our play, and play at our worship.”[i]

If we ever expect our churches to be effective, Christians must get serious about worship. C. Welton Gaddy challenges, “The worship of God is the most important activity of the people of God. Worship is the source of the church’s power to carry out its mission in the world. Worship is the only activity of the church that will persist beyond history. Worship can exist apart from a church, but a church cannot exist apart from worship.”[ii]

If we want to see God do great things in our churches, perhaps like He never has before, we must get serious about worship. If we want to see God bring awakening to our nation, we must get serious about worship.

For decades, centuries really, churches have been fighting preference wars over worship methodologies. Whether it was singing psalms or hymns, using screens or hymnals, playing organs or guitars, or using a choir or praise team, if there has been a method to fight over, we’ve gone to battle. Unfortunately, the only things we’ve gained from our warring are church splits, declining rolls, and frustrated members. Is that what we most desire from our worship?

What would happen in our churches if we went to war for worship or in worship instead of going to war over worship? What if we got so serious about worship that we put our preferences aside and focused on engaging God? Worship is not about songs and sermons anyway. Worship is about a privileged conversation with God!

Discover how you and your church can get serious about worship as you delve into the heart of worship. Study who is involved in worship, what you can expect from worship, and how you can get the most out of worship. Let’s stop fighting over methodologies and return to the core of worship. Take some time to explore the privilege of worship.

This book is the result of twenty-one years of ministry in five churches. The truths have been tested in the trenches of music and pastoral ministry in a small town church, country church, suburban church, rural church, and downtown church. My prayer is that this book will help you move beyond the petty preferences surrounding worship and penetrate deep into the true power of worship that is available to us all. Let’s get serious about worship and watch God do something great!

The book is designed to be read either by an individual or used in a group setting. The questions for reflection at the end of each chapter are beneficial for individual or small group study. Consider using them during your personal devotional time or as the guide for discussion in a small group.


[i] Gordon Dahl quoted in Don McMinn, The Practice of Praise (Word, 1992), 19.

[ii] C. Welton Gaddy, The Gift of Worship (Nashville: Broadman Press, 1992), 58.



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